Make obesity treatment accessible by making it affordable, available, and accepted through value-based care.


Foster environment within which members are empowered to improve health and wellbeing through the obesity approach that is right for them.


Be a Truth Teller: We aim to understand and analyze the best available data, sharing what we know honestly.

Offer Respect and Empathy: We recognize that everyone is living their own experiences, and we approach those with respect and empathy.

Strive to Constantly Learn: We view life as a journey filled with learning and growth, and we strive to find ways to grow every day.

Run Your Own Race: We learn from others but recognize that each individual’s path may be different. Our aim is to run our own best race.

Build Community: We know that we are better together, and we seek to build a supportive community.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Elina Onitskansky

Healthcare Executive passionate about increasing healthcare access, affordability, and equity.

Jessica Muse

Healthcare operator passionate about creating infrastructure to enable clinical teams to succeed.

Mark Rickabough
Head of Product

Healthcare product and customer success leader delivering impactful experience & outcomes.

Steven Marchette
Data Scientist

Neuroscientist and psychologist passionate about using data to improve health outcomes.


Keith Passwater
Data & Analytics Advisor

Former Chief Actuary of Anthem, dedicated to supporting new ventures in delivering both clinical and financial impact.

Teri Wisness
Employer Market Advisor

Former Director of U.S. Benefits at Google, passionate about employer solutions driving quality health outcomes and  managing cost of care.

Meghan FitzGerald
Healthcare Advisor

Operator and strategist for firms including Cardinal Health, Merck, Pfizer and Medco, and currently on the Board of Directors at Tenet Healthcare.  

Julia Kastner
Product Advisor

Product expert focused on making the very complex world of healthcare just a little bit easier to understand and access.

Medical Advisors

Dr. Robin Blackstone, MD
Medical Advisory Board

Former President, ASMBS.  Leader in enhancing bariatric quality programs.

Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford
Medical Advisory Board

Leading obesity medicine expert with strong focus on health equity and access.

Dr. Barbara Troupin
Medical Advisory Board

Leading obesity medicine expert; obesity medicine researcher.

Dr. Alex Argiroff
Clinical Advisor

Bariatric surgeon passionate about delivering appropriate care to patients in a caring and supportive environment.

Dr. Devorah Edelman
Clinical Advisor

Assistant Professor at Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai, obesity medicine physician.

Dr. Nina Vassan
Clinical Advisor

Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Stanford and leading psychiatrist, pioneering digital mental health innovation.

A Message from our Founder

Ilant comes from the Hebrew word for trees and was founded based on my own experience with obesity.

Trees are a symbol of health and growth. Trees also grow from their roots, which tell their journey.  I want Ilant to provide everything I felt had been missing in my own journey with obesity – real, evidence-based care provided by knowledgeable and compassionate clinicians, respect for the experiences people have had, and real support through the ups and downs. I wanted a place that people could get care without the shame, stigma, and judgement that too often pervades life with obesity.

Like many people struggling with obesity, I have tried just about everything out there – from working with nutritionists to diets and meal replacements to daily exercise and personal training to weight loss resorts to name a few. I would lose weight only to see it come back and then some.

Despite working in healthcare and having access to some of the best clinical organizations in the world, I never got great care. My doctors either avoided the issue or judged me for it. Why didn’t I try eating more salads? Walking more?  Why didn’t I just try harder. None of the great clinicians I saw referred me to medical solutions – I ultimately referred myself into bariatric procedure and found an endocrinologist that specialized in obesity medicine. Getting medical support for my obesity changed my life. For the first time, I didn’t feel myself fighting hunger every moment of the day. I felt able and confident to try new things – I let a friend convince me I could do a 5K…and then a 10K.

And yet I didn’t tell many people how I’d lost the weight because I was ashamed I hadn’t been strong enough to “do it on my own” – as if deciding to change your life and executing on that change isn’t a sign of strength. But it’s hard to overcome years of shame and stigma – whether it’s the side eyes when you’re eating at a restaurant, the stores that don’t carry your size, or the suggestions from strangers on a new diet you should really try.

Ilant grew out of the desire to use my experience as a healthcare executive and as an obesity patient to improve care for others. My hope is that Ilant helps you on your health and weight loss journey – whether that journey involves a bariatric procedure, anti-obesity medications, or sustained changes in habits. We’re here to support you with the best that medical care has to offer and without judgement or stigma. I hope you join our community.

Current Job Openings

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Collaborative Weight Loss)

We are seeking a dedicated and experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker to join our collaborative weight loss obesity medicine company.

Remote (US)
Collaborative Weight Loss Clinical Psychologist

We are seeking a dedicated and experienced clinical psychologist with a PhD or PsyD to join our collaborative weight loss obesity medicine company.

Remote (US)
Board-Certified Obesity Medicine Physician

We are seeking a board-certified obesity medicine physician to join our team. The candidate will be responsible for providing comprehensive obesity treatment and management to patients. 

Remote (US)

Recent News

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