Clinically Proven Care,
Built Around Your People

Improve employee health and well-being while lowering costs by providing access to comprehensive, evidence-based obesity management and cardiometabolic care.

A Single Front Door for Obesity Treatment

We take the guesswork out of obesity treatment, linking individuals to the right care.

Increased Access

We provide access to experts who know how to treat obesity and how to address the concerns of individuals struggling with obesity.

An Integrated, End-to-End Approach

We offer individuals comprehensive care, including obesity medicine, nutrition, psych, and exercise physiology, across the continuum of care.

Improved Cost

Our approach increases evidence-based care and reduces recitivism, enabling chronic disease reduction - and sometimesreversal - driving cost reduction.

Better Care Can't Wait

High Medical Cost
Driven by Comorbidities
MSK | Diabetes | Mental Health | Cardiovascular | CKD | Cancer | OSA | Infertility | Stroke

Limited Employee Access & Fragmented Care
6+ month wait times for board-certified obesity specialists

Skyrocketing GLP-1
High cost, demand often from lower acuity employees

Failure of Previous
 Point Solutions

Poor engagement and adherence from employees, and limited treatment modalities

The Right Care

A Single Front Door for Obesity Treatment

We offer a range of evidence-based obesity treatment including intense behavioral therapy, anti-obesity medication, and bariatric surgery. We’ve taken the guesswork out of finding care – you don’t need to know what will work before your see a provider. We’re here to help figure it out together!

The Right Approach

An Integrated, End-to-End Approach

Obesity is complex and different for everyone. Our clinical team incorporates medical, nutritional, behavioral, and physical help with the specific approach tailored to the needs and preferences of each individual.

The Right Time

Improved Cost

Our approach focuses on delivering evidenced-based care to those who need it most, driving cost reduction both through reductions in total cost of care and by accessing the appropriate obesity care.

Our Approach


Identify & Target
 We use our proprietary analytics engine, Ilant Rapid Returns (IRR) to address the gap in obesity coding and to target members with the greatest clinical & financial treatment value.


Match Treatments
Our proprietary model Ilant Metabolism Matters (IMM) matches individuals to treatments that optimize outcomes and value.  We offer the full spectrum of treatment options: integrative behavioral therapy, medications, and bariatric surgery.


Drive Engagement & Adherence
We offer a  differentiated member experience that includes peer navigators with lived obesity experience, an integrated clinical care team, and technology & tools rooted in behavioral science.

Healthcare Savings

Reduce total cost of care from obesity by reducing "comorbid" conditions -- at a manageable cost of treatment. This can result in ~$1-10k savings per treated employee, depending on acuity.

Improved Employee Well-Being & Satisfaction

Drive improvement in wellbeing that results in higher employee satisfaction, retention and inclusion. This can result in ~$5k+ savings from retention and productivity improvements per treated employee.

Reduction in Insurance Costs & Absenteeism

Reduce non-healthcare financial expenses related to obesity such as workers' compensation, disability, and absenteeism. This can result in ~$1-3k savings per treated employee, depending on population mix.

We address obesity through a comprehensive population-health based model that reduces cost, improves outcomes, and increases satisfaction. Our risk-based model creates a win for employees and employers. We also offer options to design treatment in a value-based care approach.

For Health Plans

Drive reduced costs and improved outcomes for indivduals with obesity

Why provide end-to-end obesity treatment?

Reduce unnecessary costs with effective preventative treatment

Individuals with obesity are less likely to seek preventative care due to stigma and bias.

Deliver 2x ROI with Population Health Targeting

Each point of BMI reduces PMPM costs by $200 with higher reduction in those with diabetes.

Reduce costs with Site of Care and Treatment Optimization

OP bariatric surgery underutilized and <50% of cost of IP.

Improve access and satisfaction

Individuals who have undergone treatment report high satisfaction.

Improve health equity

Obesity has higher prevalence in black and brown communities and those with lower income.

Reduce complications and recitivism

30% of costs associated with complications that can be avoided (nausea, etc.)

Our population-health model takes risk for individuals with obesity, driving improved outcomes and reduced cost.

Our approach partners with existing providers to enhance patient access, experience, and outcomes of obesity treatment

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