Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ilant Health?

Ilant Health is a value-based obesity treatment company, focused on increasing access to obesity treatment while reducing total cost of care for employers and payers. We provide comprehensive, integrated care for individuals with obesity, delivering end-to-end evidence-based solutions (bariatric surgery, medication, intense behavioral therapy) through a technology-enabled and analytics-driven obesity medicine practice. Our proprietary Ilant Rapid Returns (IRR) model targets members where there is greatest potential for positive returns on treatment and our proprietary Ilant Metabolism Matters (IMM) model matches these individuals to the optimal clinical treatment. Ilant then delivers that treatment using an integrated clinical team led by board-certified obesity medicine physicians, peer navigators with lived experience, and engaging member tools.

How is Ilant different from other programs?

Many programs out there seek to address obesity through diet and exercise, or medication only. Ilant uses data and evidence-based practices to address obesity for the medical condition it is with ongoing services to support the continuous process that is obesity management. We pair patients with peer navigators who have been through the most effective treatments themselves, like bariatric procedures and/or medications, to share their experiences and de-stigmatize these treatments that are scientifically proven to be more effective at weight loss and longer lasting than the programs espousing “greater willpower for diet & exercise.”

How much does Ilant cost?

Ilant is free to members. We partner with providers, payers, and employers to provide our services and supports.

In which states is Ilant available?

Ilant supports all 50 states.

How can I contact Ilant?

For general inquiries:

For providers:

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What is a peer navigator?

A peer navigator is someone who has been through the obesity treatment journey and can give members an honest view on the lived experience of different treatment options. Talking to someone who can provide this personal perspective can help reduce the stigma long associated with obesity and can support members in taking action. In addition to peer support, they provide traditional care navigation services to members, ensuring engagement and adherence along every step of the journey.

What Treatments does Ilant support?

Ilant supports all treatment modalities that have been shown to be effective for treating obesity and addressing metabolic health - these include intense behavioral therapy, which has generally been shown to deliver 3-5% reduction in weight, anti-obesity medications, which have been shown to deliver weight reductions between 5-20%, and bariatric procedures, which have been shown to deliver weight reductions of 25-30%.

Further, Ilant focuses on pairing individuals with the treatment that is most likely to be effective for them, taking into account medical and personal history.

What Services does Ilant offer?

Ilant works with partners to deliver a 3-step approach to obesity care. First, Ilant uses its proprietary analytics to identify the population most likely to see reduction/revision in obesity-related disease and associated costs.  Second, Ilant provides treatment guidance for members based on expected health impact, relative risk, and associated cost.  Once a treatment is determined between the obesity medicine physician and member, the member begins their treatment plan which includes an integrated care team of obesity medicine physicians, nutritionists, therapists, and peer navigator, as well as Ilant's online member tools to support behavioral change and engagement.

How does Ilant Health help providers?

Ilant Health delivers increased obesity treatment uptake through empathetic and personalized patient engagement.

As a partner to obesity medicine and bariatric providers, Ilant seeks to:

• Improve patient access, awareness, acceptance, and uptake of obesity treatment.

• Reduce time to appropriate treatment.

• Improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

• Optimize physician time and reduce staff burden.

How does Ilant Health help payers and employers?

Ilant partners with payers and employers to increase access to obesity treatment while delivering a return on investment in less than two years. Ilant’s approach is distinguished by analytics that enable identification of members who would most benefit from treatment, engagement using personalization and peer support, and a holistic treatment model.

By partnering with Ilant, payers and employers can:

• Increase engagement and follow-through of high-needs individuals.

• Align patients and the most appropriate obesity treatment.

• Deliver return on investment and enhanced population health.

• Improve outcomes from obesity treatment.

• Improve health equity.

Does Ilant provide medical care?

Yes, medical care is provided through Ilant Medical Group, P.A., through a team of board-certified obesity medicine physicians.

Is my information safe with Ilant?

Yes. We take member privacy seriously and operate in accordance with medical laws. We are HIPAA-compliant, SOC2 certified, and focus on protecting member privacy.

Still have questions?

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