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Activity Ideas

January 2023

The 4 Best Stretches for Maximum Health and Fitness

Stretching keeps your muscles and joints limber and gets the blood flowing for peak heart health and even wound healing.

January 2023

Exercise in the Workplace—More Possible Than You Think

Our favorite exercises to do at your desk today. If you’re looking for ways to get the blood flowing in your legs, we’ve got it here

January 2023

Why Setting Realistic Wellness Goals Is Important Achieving Health Goals One Step at a Time

Even if you’re new to exercise, you can form realistic wellness goals that help you keep the pace and the faith.

January 2023

5 Strength Training Moves You Can Do Anywhere

Ah, strength training—is there any kind of exercise that inspires a stronger love-hate feeling?

January 2023

3 No-Stress, 10-Minute Exercises We Love

These easy exercises offer a chance to get you moving from the comfort of your living room. The best part? All three exercises can be completed in 10-minute circuits as a simple, at-home workout routine.